Every couple has a different vision for their wedding, but one thing remains constant. No matter your venue or floral choice, you want to know that you’ll be getting bombass photos of you and your guests and a client experience with a photographer that you can trust and rely on. Bonus points if that photographer knows all the best spots in Indy and gives the best hugs, right? Beyond the wedding day, these photos will serve as that visual reminder of your love five, ten, twenty years into the future. And if you’re looking for photos that look how your love feels with a little cinematic edge, I might just be the photographer for you.

If your budget doesn’t quite fit into these prices but you love what you see, send that email anyways! I’d love to talk it out and see if we can adjust a few details so that you can get those amazing photos you’re wanting. I’m not always able to help everyone, but there’s no harm in trying! That being said, I treasure the work I do for my clients with my whole heart which means I take care of you. I value my clients by valuing my business. That means having business insurance, professional gear and backups, photo editing software, and an office in the heart of downtown Indy. You’re paying for a lot more than beautiful photos, so please respect me and my time. If you’re only shopping around for a deal, I’m probably not it for you. I care a whole awful lot for my clients, and I want them to care about me too!