The Engagement Session Outfit Guide

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This is about you.

I’m going to lay out a lot of advice based on what I’ve learned after photographing engagement session in all types of locations and in all types of lighting. But in the end, my number one goal is to make sure that you feel 100% confident and 100% yourself! I never want you to feel like you have to look like or be someone you’re not. So don’t feel like you have to follow every single piece of advice in here. These are meant to be guidelines to give you some direction if you’re feeling lost! These photos are all about capturing exactly how you’re feeling at this moment in life. If you’re embracing who you are and wear what makes you feel completely comfortable, I promise we’ll get some great photos!



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Location is everything. It will set the scene for the story we’re telling.

So you’re staring into your closet and wondering wear to even start. Before you begin to pull any clothes, think about the story that we’re going to be telling. Think about the location we’re going to be in and what type of outfits make sense with the scenery. Imagine that this location is a scene in a movie. What would the two main characters (who are a couple in love that will be making out a tonnn) be wearing? If we’re going to be in the city, think about what you would naturally wear on an evening strolling around downtown. But if we’re going to be out in nature, hiking on some trails, bring a long your hiking boots and a comfy, fitted shirt. If it’s winter and snowing outside, multiple layers to stay warm in and boots and thick socks would be a good idea! If your session is in the middle of summer, pick light, flowy clothing that will help you stay cool and comfortable. Dress as comfortable as possible for the conditions we’ll be in, and remember to dress for the location you’ve chosen as well.

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Bring a few options.

Now that you have more of an idea of the vibe of your session, let’s narrow it down to a few options! Don’t feel like you have to choose one outfit, and that's your final choice. I recommend that you bring a few different options along to your session. For the best results, I’ll help you pick from the different options to get the best outfit for each spot we take photos at. This will help me make sure that the outfits compliment the environment so that the focus in each photo can stay on you two and the emotion. And yes, outfits can stand out in a good way, but occasionally they can be a distraction too!

As you’re picking and choosing, make sure you don’t bring your whole closet or we’ll be super overwhelmed with options! Bring along around 5 shirt options and 3 pants options (or a few dresses and others layers if you want that option). You can also bring different jackets and shoe options and other accessories! We’ll use these options to pick 1 or 2 outfits for you to wear during the session. Anymore will usually take up too much time, and we’ll have less time and less photos! Depending on our location, note that you’ll most likely be changing in the car. If you want to keep it simple and stick to one outfit (the pro to this is that we’ll be able to use all the time we have taking photos instead of changing), text me with a few photos of your outfit options and we can see what fits best before your session!

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Movement, movement, movement.

Movement is so important that I had to list it three times! Make sure you’re able to easily move in your clothes. If you’re worried about bending over too much or the stiff jeans you just bought, that will limit that amount of movement I can prompt from both of you. And often times, movement is what adds emotion to an image. Choose clothes that are “broken in,” so that you know you’re already comfortable and confident in your clothing. That doesn’t mean that buying new clothes for your session is bad! Just make sure to bring those options we talked about and that you’re confident you’ll be comfortable in the clothes you buy. Take the new outfit on a test run first!

Not only is it important that you can easily move in your clothes, but it’s important that your clothes are able to move too. There is nothing more romantic than the wind catching the end of your dress or a scarf blowing in the breeze. Think about what you have in your closet (including accessories!) that can easily catch the wind to add that extra energy in your photos!



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Colors can add to the story or distract from the emotion of a photo.

When choosing your outfit, I recommend you stick to neutral colors that will seamlessly fit into any photo. While I will forever love all black and my soft browns and earthy tones, neutrals don’t have to be boring! Every color has its neutral counterpart. Think forest green, mustard yellow, wine red, clay, and burnt orange. Take some time to think about the colors you might see surround you in the location you’ve chosen and pull the inspiration from there. Loud and neon colors will draw the eye toward those colors instead of the emotion and love shown in the photos. Colors like red, pink, and bright orange can reflect onto your skin, making for some interesting skin colors in your photo! Like I mentioned, there are always excpetions to the rules, but in general, sticking to neutral colors will keep your photos cohesive and let you love shineeee!

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Similar to colors, avoid any patterns that might look a little too loud and crazy and distract from the focus of the image (aka you!). Go for smaller or more subtle patterns instead! If you choose to include a pattern, try to avoid pairing it with another pattern. Too many patterns in a photo can give a hectic or chaotic feeling. So if one of you is wearing a pattern, balance it out with a more neutral outfit for your partner. Avoid any small stripes or small dot patterns as the camera tends to freak out and pick those patterns up in a really weird way!

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Props don’t have to be cheesy!

Anything to make your personality shine more (cool hats, scarves, blanket to sit on, bikes, puppies lol) can take the photos to a next level as well.