Before we move forward, you should know a few things about me.


I'm the spitting image of an infj (feel free to google my personality type to get real personal real quick and learn literally everything about me).I love feelings and depth and reflection and introspection, and yep, I'll forever be a hopeless romantic. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Andddd, as a typical nurturer, I care way too much about everything. Like literally everything. I think it’s one of the reasons why I love this job so much. I get to care and invest in people in their families, in the art behind it all, in the simple moments, and in the intricate ones that we craft together.

I’m a laidback, relaxed Type A list-maker. Yep, it’s a thing. Mix that with some lowkey bougie vibes, add a plant momma heart, and sprinkle in a little bit of sarcasm and that pretty much sums me up. You’ll often find me dancing my ass off to Cardi B one second and crying my eyes out to slow, indie music the next. Yep, I cry at songs and movies and will most definitely cry at your wedding. Don't even think about showing me all the cute puppy photos on your phone because I will lose it (but actually show me all the photos, please). And I’m warning you now, I will use way too many smiley faces and emojis when we talk. 🖤

My family is the heart behind everything I do. I would choose to do life with them in every lifetime, in any universe, forever and ever and ever. And of course, we can’t forget Little D. My 8-year-old puppy is the light of my life and my editing buddy. I’m a major homebody, and I feel most at peace during family movie nights with a sleeping puppy in my lap. My parents are immigrants, which means I work my ass off in everything I do. They taught me to strive for excellence and hustle always, so you know that I kick ass in business and in creativity.

If you’re here, know that I’ll love you, no matter who you love, how you look like, or where you were born. Caring is my thing, remember? You are safe with me. Let me hold your heart and hug the shit out of you.