It's my life motto. It's at the heart of who I am as a human being.


I deeply treasure and nurture the people I choose to do life with. I love fiercly. And you bet that my couples are no exception. You are a rare freaking gem to me. This isn't just a job to me and photography isn't just something that I'm passionate about. You are more to me than just a date on the calendar or the florals you choose and the designer of your dress (though I love freaking out about those details with you too and good design makes me happier than most things). I care about you. The human, the soul, the friend in front of me. You can trust that I will show up on your wedding day. And I mean show up as in show up. Every fiber of my being, every bone in my body will show up for you.

A little dramatic? Yea, maybe a little (I do love a little drama). But I need these words to try, somehow, over this small little box of text on the internet, to show you my heart for this work. For the honor of doing such fun, meaningful, playful, joyful, emotional work. To capture and create the vision you have always imagined. I want you to have alllll the fun and bathe in the laughter and dance your freaking ass off on your wedding day, knowing that you are well taken care of, the candid moments are being captured (and know that they honestly mean everything to me because I know they mean everything to you), and that you'll have those badass, creative photos to post on instagram and the adorable, emotional photos to show to your family and friends.