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Hi, I’m Kelly.

I’m letting you know right now that I will definitely give you a big hug when we meet.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a hopeless romantic. I grew up obsessed with Disney movies and rom coms (and yes, I’m still in love with both of those things and belt out Disney songs often). So when I photographed my first wedding in 2013, I fell. In. Love. All the emotion and the happiness and the celebrating. I felt right at home.

I love feelings, reflection, all things artsy and creative, and deep life talks. I'm the spitting image of an enneagram 4 (google it to get real personal real quick and learn literally everything about me). Yep, I’m that person that has deep conversations with people I’ve just met. So let’s talk!


Everything I do is intentional.

It’s my life motto. I treasure & nurture the people in my life. And you bet that my couples are no exception.

You are a rare freaking gem to me. This isn't just a job to me and photography isn't just something that I'm passionate about. You are more to me than just a date on the calendar or the florals you choose and the designer of your dress (though I love freaking out about those details with you too and good design makes me happier than most things). I care about you. The human, the soul, the friend in front of me. You can trust that I will show up on your wedding day to show you my heart for this work.

Show up for the honor of doing such fun, meaningful, playful, joyful, emotional work and to capture and create the vision you have always imagined. Being a wedding photographer, I get to care and invest in people in their families, in the art behind it all, in the simple moments, and in the intricate ones that we craft together. That’s a huge deal to me! I want you to have alllll the fun and bathe in the laughter and dance your freaking ass off on your wedding day, knowing that you are well taken care of, the candid moments are being captured (and know that they honestly mean everything to me because I know they mean everything to you), and that you'll have those badass, creative photos to post on instagram and the adorable, emotional photos to show to your family and friends.  

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When I’m not photographing weddings, I’m probably watering my 40+ plants.

Or listening to slow, indie music and maybe crying a little because sometimes chill music makes me little emotional. Yep, I cry at songs and movies and will most definitely cry at your wedding. Don't even think about showing me all the cute puppy photos on your phone because I will lose it (but actually show me all the photos, please). I’m a laidback, type A listmaker. It’s a thing, I swearrr! Happiness is lots of chocolate and my mom’s homemade Mexican food. And I’m warning you now, I will use way too many smiley faces and emojis when we talk. 🖤

My family is the heart behind everything I do. I would choose to do life with them in every lifetime, in any universe, forever and ever and ever. My 8-year-old puppy, Little D, is the light of my life and my editing buddy. I’m a major homebody, and I feel most at peace during family movie nights with a sleeping puppy in my lap. But I’m always up for a weekend camping trip or an impromptu week in NYC. My family moved to Indianapolis from Monterrey, Mexico when I was three, and it’s my dream to give my parents the world for all the sacrifices they made for me. They taught me to strive for excellence and hustle always, so you know that I kick ass in everything I do. Plus I’ve got a 16-year-old sister I love to spoil, so, you knowww, I’m working hard to make all these dreams come true! I just love to love them.

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“We have the most beautiful images that we'll cherish forever.”

Oh, Kelly Marcelo Photography... what a dream. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon her Instagram page during one of my many post-engagement inspo-browsing sessions. I still remember that first photo that dragged me in and prompted me to contact her immediately. That moody glow that is just sooo gorgeous. So unique. And such a perfect match to the style we wanted. Kelly, my now-husband Corey, and I quickly scheduled time to meet over coffee and the three of us instantly clicked. Ten months later, the three of us have shared hundreds of laughs and we have the most beautiful images that we'll cherish forever. From our in-home engagement session to our September wedding, Kelly captured our love and personalities (including our pets!) with ease. Even after four months of wedding bliss, we're still hearing compliments from friends and family that love the photos. On a few (dozen) occasions, I can't help but browse through her work and re-live the best day. Each time, getting a bit glum knowing that we won't be seeing Kelly on the reg anymore. There are A LOT of talented photographers out there, especially in Indianapolis, and I love that we chose to work with Kelly. We can't recommend her enough!

| Brittany & Corey, Wedding at Finley Creek Vineyard

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Let’s talk! What are you waiting for?