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A Sunset Wedding at Finley Creek Vineyards | Brittany & Corey

I’m not sure how anyone will be able to Brittany and Corey’s wedding at Finley Creek Vineyards. From the industrious, moody vibes as they got ready for the day at Ironworks Hotel in Indianapolis to the luscious greenery of the vineyard and beautiful sunset lighting during their outdoor ceremony, the day felt like pure magic.

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Allison & Levi || Intimate, Romantic Midwest Wedding in Westfield, Indiana

If soulmates exist, Allison and Levi are the living, breathing model of them.

From the very beginning of their story, it seems as if the universe was actively working, everyday, to bring them together. They grew up in the same town, their families knew each other, and they went to the same schools. They finally connected during middle school, and again in high school, and have been together ever since.

Their wedding day mimicked their love story, full of intention and intimacy. They infused meaning into every single detail of their day. Allison and her closest friends got ready in the home she grew up in; they said "I do" in their small town church in Westfield; they left their ceremony on a family friend's antique firetruck, and we shot their portraits against the backdrop of her neighbor's soybean field.

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Lindsey & Brandon || Vibrant Meets Modern Outdoor Wedding at Deer Park Manor, Bloomington

If there is one word I could use to describe Lindsey and Brandon, it would be happy.

But not just in the normal use of the word. They radiate pure happiness. The type of happiness where you can't help but smile being around them. I knew when meeting Lindsey and Brandon that their wedding would be a special one, but I never would have been able to predict just how beautifully intimate and joyful their wedding would be. These two souls are so special, both so incredibly kind. They promised forever at sunset, standing under a majestic, old tree at Deer Park Manor in Bloomington, Indiana.

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