07.20.17 || A Summer Trip to Milton, Florida

17-07-20 Florida with Friends Edited-10_WEB.jpg

My favorite girls in the world, beaches, and sunsets: what more could I need?

Erika, Allie, and I decided to take a take a little road trip down to Florida this summer, and it was exactly what we needed. We had plenty to celebrate--Erika and I's college graduation, Erika's move to Japan (for a year or two!), and Allie's survival of another year of college.

Though we had (very loosely) planned a super fun, relaxing, care-free, hair down and blowing-in-the-wind type trip, I was in a completely different headspace once the time came to leave after experiencing an emotional and traumatic dog bite to the face just a week before we left. I was SO close to backing out and just staying home, but Allie convinced me to take some time away from home. And I am so glad I listened! We laughed a lot, ate some incredible food at the coolest restaurant, and ate fruits and veggies on the boat. 

I didn't get my camera out much during the trip, but I had to take a few photos of my gorgeous friends during sunset at the beach. This set of photos is super interesting to reflect back on; it's almost as if you can see the weird headspace I was in. Half trying to let go and have fun and remind myself to smile and the other have quiet, still, introspect, and slightly melancholy. A little bit of moody and a little bit of fun. And I kind of love it.