Brittany & Corey || A Sunday At Home, Indianapolis Engagement Session

During every engagement session, my main goal is always to capture my couples in their most honest forms. So anytime that a couple suggests an in home session, I am 100% all in! There's nothing more sincere and genuine than a couple in the space where they feel completely comfortable. 

Brittany and Corey built their dream home within the past year, and we laughed a lot and photographed the heck out of it. They pulled out their vinyl collection and cuddled on the couch and danced around the kitchen. Corey was a bartender when they connected, so he whipped up a few drinks for a little mid session break. Their new neighborhood has a few little trails behind some of the houses, so we ventured outside to capture some of that golden sunset goodness. And of course we had to include their two adorable pets throughout the session (have I mentioned how much I love dogs?!). 

I really want to share a bit more about my couples, so you can fall in love with them as much as I have. Plus, as hopeless romantic, I always love hearing how my couples met and their love stories. So more love stories on the blog starting now, straight from the couples themselves!

How did you and your fiancé meet?
We went to opposing high schools and we first met when we crossed paths back in 2007 (he actually lived with one of my ex's for a few months in college - EEK!). Fast-forward to 2015, I went to Nicky Blaine's with a bachelorette party and Corey caught my eye (not only because of the complimentary drinks he was bringing our way!). After a short interrogation from my girlfriends, Corey and I realized we had met way back when! Fortunately, my friends gave Corey my number and we started talking that night. He asked me on a date a few days later and we hit it off immediately. Since then, we've shared a tiny apartment downtown, built a new home in the suburbs, and have decided to spend forever together. :)

What's the proposal story?
Corey wanted to plan a date night before I left for Florida to visit my mom. He picked me up from work and we went to my favorite restaurant, Tinker Street. As dinner wrapped up, Corey suggested we grab dessert at Bru Burger (because they have THE BEST bread pudding). We left the restaurant and I couldn't help but mention what a perfect proposal scenario we just passed up: Tinker Street, champagne, perfect weather sitting on the patio... hello?! ;) Corey laughed it off since this was a topic I'd regularly hint at. We decided to take a detour from bread pudding to take a walk on the canal. My suspicions kicked in when we parked the car and Corey grabbed his backpack from the trunk, carrying a blanket, a bottle of wine, and two wine glasses (Swoon!) After a quick primp to make sure I looked "proposal-ready" and a one-mile walk trying to find the best place to set-up camp, we cracked open the bottle of wine. Finally, Corey reached into his backpack, pulled out the most sparkly ring, and asked me to spend forever with him. We laughed, we cried, we Facetime'd a ton of people, and ended the night by celebrating with friends and champagne :)

What’s your favorite thing about each other?
From Corey: "Your ability to find humor in everything - we really do laugh a lot. Your caringness and "mom-like" tendencies to make sure I'm always taken care of. I like how you care so much about other people and creatures (mostly creatures:) ) "

From Brittany: "He's is such a genuinely nice person. Everybody likes him instantly. He's sweet, caring, and silly, and sooo patient with me. Most importantly, he loves our little furbabies so much - especially our kitty, Ava who really isn't the easiest gal to love."

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We love anything to do with trivia. We play Jeopardy on Alexa every day and watch Jeopardy as often as possible.

What do you want to remember about this stage in your life and you two as a couple right now?
We want to remember where we started and never forget the reasons why we love each other. We want to remember the building blocks of our relationship so we don't stray from where we began and love each other more.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?
The first time we see each other during the ceremony, dancing the night away, and having our closest friends and family in the same place to celebrate.