01.27.18 || The Quiet Days

Kelly Marcelo Photography Self Portraits and Foggy Day-17_WEB.jpg

In these quiet days of winter, I've been challenging myself to see the beauty of everyday things. To feel the stillness and the calm during dark days and recognize the beauty, even when I yearn for the light. To let myself simply be amongst the fog and to acknowledge its beauty. 

Leading up to wedding season, I'm taking as much time as possible to create just for me. No expectations or goals. Just feeling and observing and creating. This particular day was actually sunny and bright when I planned to take photos using strong directional light inside at sunset. But as I began to set up, the clouds took over and fog began to cover the ground, and I followed the mood and created this set of photos. There's a vulnerability that's required to step in front of a camera; I never want to forget what my clients feel when they open up in front of the camera for me. I'm continually exploring and searching and finding myself in front of my own lens, just like I did when I first started this journey. 

In the dark,
Found light,
Brighter than many ever see.

Within herself,
Found loveliness,
Through the soul's own mastery.

And now the world receives
From her dower:
The message of the strength
Of inner power. 

|| Langston Hughes