A cinematic and documentary approach to capturing your day.

Your wedding is more than a date on the calendar to me. There is a story behind your love, and I want to celebrate it, no matter how it looks like. I’m a nurturer at heart, which means I have this super power that lets me know when to hug you if you’re nervous, laugh with you if you just can’t stop smiling, or take control when you need the help. On your wedding day, my job is to make you feel fine as hell and look fine as hell. No experience necessary. I know when to mix gentle direction and creativity exactly when you need it to get those badass, VOGUE vibes and when to take a step back and let you be 100% present in the moment. As the details of the day come together, I will be that calm energy that you can grasp onto, from beginning to end. My goal? To create photos that make you feel. That remind you of how the sunshine felt as you walked down the aisle. That remind you of that feeling of pure bliss while singing on the dance floor. To capture the feelings.


Crafting an editorial, emotional style with a documentary, honest approach to your day.



Hi, I’m Kelly, a wedding photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana! Think of me as that constant warm presence on your wedding day, like the ultimate cozy hug. I’m a laidback, type A list-maker who loves loving on people. I believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated and that your love is art in it of itself. I love moody shadows and bright sunlight and refuse to pick one or the other. Three things I can’t live without: Mexican food (mmm, homemade tortillas), my 8-year-old little puppy dog, and that sunshine during sunset that feels like heaven.

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“Our wedding would have not been the same without Kelly.”

“She was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning process. She was not only interested in what we needed for our wedding photography but also about our lives and our love story. She truly captured our love from beginning to end. Her fun loving and professional attitude made her a great fit for our wedding. We will not only be using her for our wedding photos but we plan on using her any time we want professional photos taken in the future.” | Emily & Ryan, Wedding at INDUSTRY in Indianapolis


Yep, I want some badass photos!

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