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Hi, I'm Kelly.

I'm so happy to meet you, friend. 

Pour yourself a glass of wine, stay awhile, and let me show you a little bit of my heart. 

Making images is my heart. Photography found me when I needed it most, and I haven’t put the camera down since. I believe there is so much more to all this than simply clicking a button. I fiercely believe in finding magic in the ordinary, in seeing the beauty in the everyday. Beyond any grand views or fancy outfits lies the foundation of my work: the human connection.

Because no matter what, it’s about people.

About the truth and honesty of your love. About a soft intimacy that speaks volumes. About a love that screams from the rooftops. About the good days and the bad, the tears and the smiles. And you want images that reflect your story in all its beauty. You want images with raw emotion at the heart of it all. Forget the stiff poses and fake smiles, you deserve photos that remind you of what made you fall in love in the first place.

This journey holds smiles and tears and lots and lots of laughs. I promise that I’ll walk alongside you through it all. We're in this together.

Let’s sit, chat, drink some coffee and create something magical.

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Structure meets style.

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