I'm here to capture all those real feels on your wedding day, with a creative edge of course. I shot my first wedding in 2013, and I fell head-over-freaking-heels. With the beauty and stillness in the air. With the tears and the laughter and the hugs from family. With the feelings. With all that real stuff. It was my first time attending a wedding ever, and I was walking around with heart eyes all day long. My heart just felt at home (can you tell that I'm a hopeless romantic who's all about the emotions?) My job is to show up and be there for you. To capture how your day actually felt

You focus on being present, on the fun, on the laughter, and I'll focus on capturing all that love stuff and being creative afff.






Yes, I have a green thumb (I got it from my mamaaa), and I'm damn proud of it! Catch me reading Harry Potter on a crisp fall day, but jk, because fall is wedding season and you know it's all about the weddings. But during winter, definitely! I'll dance to Cardi and cry my eyes out to slow, cinematic music (stop what you're doing and look up Slow Meadow on spotify right now). 

I'm the spitting image of an infj (and yes, feel free to google my personality type to get real personal real quick and learn literally everything about me because I love all that personality type shit). I wear my heart on my sleeve. I cry at songs and movies and don't even think about showing me all the cute puppy photos on your phone because I will lose it (but jk, actually show me allll the photos). My family is my everything. My mom, dad, sister, brother? Yea, they're my world. I would choose to do life with them in every lifetime, in any universe, forever and ever and ever. When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm having movie nights with the fam, cuddling my little baby puppy, or talking about space/the multiverse/time with my brother (yep, this is a regular thing for us). 


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It's my life motto. It's at the heart of who I am as a human being. I keep my circle small, and I deeply treasure and nurture the people I choose to do life with. I love fiercly. And you bet that my couples are no exception. You are a rare freaking gem to me. This isn't just a job to me and photography isn't just something that I'm passionate about. My focus in doing this work will always, always, always be in fostering and honoring the human connection. You are more to me than just a date on the calendar or the florals you choose and the designer of your dress (though I loveee freaking out about those details with you too). I care about you. The human, the soul, the friend in front of me. You can trust that I will show up on your wedding day. And I mean show up as in show up. Every fiber of my being, every bone in my body will show up for you.

A little dramatic? Yea, maybe a little.But I need these words to try, somehow, over this small little box of text on the internet, to show you my heart for this work. For the honor of doing such fun, meaningful, playful, joyful, emotional work. To capture and create the vision you have always imagined. I want you to have alllll the fun and bathe in the laughter and dance your freaking ass off on your wedding day, knowing that you are well taken care of, the candid moments are being captured (and know that they honestly mean everything to me because I know they mean everything to you), and that you'll have those badass, creative photos to post on instagram and the adorable, emotional photos to show to your grandma.